Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Grand Canyon National Park Float Trips Are the Best National Park Day Trip

Families vacationing to the Grand Canyon in the past would go on a driving trip and stop at a couple lookouts positioned along their preplanned route. Today, more people are ditching the self-guided driving tour in favor of float tours. These trips last for just one day, but they deliver spectacular views and unique experiences unheard of in years past. These experiences are great for couples or groups of friends, but they are also perfect for families since you only need to be four-years-old to participate.

There are many companies offering this type of tour on the Colorado River, but the best outfitters operate from Las Vegas or the South Rim area of the national park.  Las Vegas outfitters only go to the West Rim, so you will explore the lowest portions of the river. When you start out on this rafting trip, you have to hop a helicopter and fly down to the floor of the canyon. After this, you transfer to a motor coach and drive to the base of Hoover Dam where the 11-mile journey on the river begins. The float tour ends at Willow Beach, Arizona.

1-day Grand Canyon rafting trips on the South Rim move from Glen Canyon Dam to Lee's Ferry. The most popular South Rim floating tours require you to first take a 2.5 hour bus adventure from the Grand Canyon National Park airport into Page, Arizona. From the Painted Desert to the Navajo Indian reservation, there is a lot to be seen and enjoyed on this tour.

Passengers must first drive through a service tunnel for two miles at the base of the Glen Canyon Dam to reach the boat dock These adventure boats will hold up to seventeen passengers at a time. While this tour goes on for fifteen miles of water, there are several stopping points where the beauties of the canyon can be enjoyed. At one point, passengers can stretch their legs on a brief walk and explore a rock wall featuring authentic Native American etchings. These smooth-water tours end at Lee's Ferry, which is also the launching point for white-water rafting trips.

The second South Rim float trip starts with a flight to Page (Arizona) Airport. Some of the sights you will see on this tour include the Zuni Corridor, Colorado River Confluence and the Desert Watchtower. A 4x4 ride through Antelope Valley kicks off this extended float tours.

The boat, all necessary equipment, lunch, water, and return transportation to Grand Canyon National Park Airport are included in these float trips. You will be lead on these trips by a certified river pilot. A good guide is important and will give you valuable insight into the natural wonders you're seeing.

The Grand Canyon is scorching hot in summer, so make sure you show up ready for the heat to be endured on your 1 day Grand Canyon rafting tour. Water should be provided in the price of your tour, but you may also want to pack sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, sandals, and lip balm. A change of clothing comes in handy as well, since you will be wet at the end of your tour.

Families and groups of all ages can enjoy this type of Grand Canyon tour. Even kids as young as four can participate. Make sure to plan for an entire day away, since these tours are day trips.

To ensure you get the time and date that you prefer, you should book your smooth water trip down the river well in advance of your trip. It is best to book through the internet so you can get bargains and discounts that will make it more affordable.


Ready to raft the Grand Canyon? Awesome! Read this page for the best rates and times for 1-day smooth-water rafting trips departing from the South Rim and Las Vegas, NV:

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